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Got milk? Get soy.

Spent the weekend at the Marriott world center in Orlando..

Used their gym at least twice every day; they had SO many machines that were kick-ass..  Did a lot of work with my arms - they’re killing me.  Ate this weekend, kept 2-3 of the meals down..  Sucks.  My fast starts tomorrow, and I’m not eating shit until Saturday.  WISH.ME.LUCK.PLEASE!

— 3 years ago
Been eating a little here and there..

5 day fast starting monday..  I figure that I’ll probably have to eat this weekend; me and my family are going out of town..  I’m going to work out, though, and won’t keep down anything I’ll eat..  So, it’s a fast…  Kind of..   So, expect me on tumblr all week next week.  Lol.  I’m going to be looking at thinspo to subside any hunger pang I’ll get.

I’m going to get a lot skinnier by fall term.  I promise that to myself.

— 3 years ago
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